5 Reasons to Order Canned Beer vs. Kegs for Outdoor Events

Whether you're celebrating something special or simply entertaining friends and family, it's fair to say that few outdoor events are going to feel quite right without beer available. Of course, there are several ways you can order that beer for a larger event, and most people find themselves choosing between cans and kegs.

While beer from a keg can be great and boasts a few attractive benefits, you're probably going to find that ordering cans is the smarter move. Here are just five reasons why.

1. Easier to Move

Even a smaller beer keg is heavy, and you're probably going to want a relatively large one for an outdoor event. That can be an issue since it means the keg will be very cumbersome to move around. That can be a problem when you're setting things up, and it can also pose a risk of injury during loading and unloading. Cans are much easier and safer since you can move them in batches.

2. Easier to Use

Don't let your local bartender fool you—pouring beer from a keg is not as easy as it looks. Unless you have a pro on hand, you could be looking at regular spills, lots of foam and other issues. Cans obviously don't pose the same problems. It's very hard to mess up opening a can of beer!

3. Provides Variety

One of the main issues with kegs is that each one can only offer one type of beer. You can, of course, order more to bring in a little variety, but the costs are going to add up fast. Ordering cans is a much better idea since you can order several different types to accommodate the different needs and tastes of all your guests.

4. Convenient Storage

It's unlikely the kegs you order for an outdoor event will run out exactly when the last person wants their last drink, so you're either going to have too little or end up with some left in the keg. That beer will need to be consumed relatively quickly. With cans, you can simply keep what remains for yourself or give it out among your guests. This is much easier, and it will stay good for a long time.

5. Lower Cost

Finally, keep in mind that ordering a keg will usually be considerably more expensive than ordering the same amount of canned beer. In fact, cans will usually prove the least expensive way of providing beer. That means you can either reduce the cost of your outdoor event or spend that money on something else. 

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